Monday, October 26, 2009

Welcome to 2009-2010

Hello, world!

Fruithoopz is back, having put on 15 pounds of muscle in the NBA offseason. I apologize for the long time off, but it was much needed for a variety of reasons.

Before I get to any other business, I would like to recommend that you take in this important book from the good people of Basketball Prospectus as a way of preparing yourself as a fan for the upcoming season -- I've gone through it cover to cover, and still continue to page through it as a reference. It's a must-read. And it provides a better preview than anything I could put together.

Other notes:

- There are a couple of pretty interesting statistical issues to watch this season. The first is the "usage experiments" being carried out by Houston and Memphis, which should hopefully give us some pretty good data on the relationship between usage and efficiency, which we're always talking about.

- The second is Kevin Durant, whose ongoing development should teach us something about boxscore-based productivity metrics and plus/minus-based metrics.

- Joey had a pretty thoughtful reflection on the upcoming season, and the seeming changing of the NBA guard.

- Kobe Bryant is a fan of Ambrose favorite, Anthony Parker.

- I've expressed some appreciation of Andre Iguodala's game here, and have enjoyed him as a player since his rookie year. This post did a pretty good job of breaking down a lot of what makes Iggy good, statistically.

As far as fruithoopz, for the upcoming season, I'd like to spend more time doing game-by-game analysis. Overall, we'll stick to a similar schedule as we had last year -- with the first third of the season or so dedicated to looking at young or surprising players, the next third spent on under-the-radar teams that might find themselves fighting for a low playoff seed in the spring, and finally the last third of the regular season will focus on the contenders. I hope we have a great season together, thanks for reading!