Saturday, June 6, 2009

Links: A Bit of game analysis

This first link is actually from before game 1, but it goes over a play that the Magic did run a bit in the first game, and wil surely run more. You'll need to log-in to view the full report, but the account is free and if you're a Lakers fan, why don't you already have one?

At Seven Seconds or Mess, Gian goes over a little bit of what the Lakers did defensively, highlighting a few excellent defensive possessions for the Lakers. He also shows examples of Rashard Lewis choosing to pull up when he could have been far more effective if he had attacked the basket. Make sure to pay attention to this video, and expect to see (and watch for) Lewis be more agressive in game 2.

And finally, at X's and O's the coach takes a look at the topic that everyone was going on about after the game -- Kobe's mid-range proficiency shredding the Magic defense. What sorts of adjustments should we expect from the Magic? Well:

I think for Game 2, you'll see Stan Van Gundy go with more traps and double-teams on Kobe. The key will be how the weak side defenders zone up and close out on the other Laker players. That is what the Nuggets couldn't do, they doubled, but they couldn't properly defend on the weak-side, allowing players like Ariza and Odom to get off good shots.

Hmmn. I can't wait to see how it plays out.

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