Monday, May 4, 2009

Real Talk

(Title stolen from a friend of the site)

Real Talk
Yao Ming is a baller

I think Ron Artest is great, but come on -- Yao Ming needs some better PR. Fuck what you heard, he's the best center we have in the game right now. And he was healthy all season. And he's killing it in the playoffs.

Which reminds me: is this year the redemption of the foreign player? The regular season storyline was about the U.S. Olympic Team players playing out of their minds.  But with the last couple of years, we've seen the storylines surrounding Dirk Nowitzki and Pau Gasol in the playoffs reflect a general attitude towards international players that has been a little concerning (see this, for instance). But now in the playoffs, between the way Yao Ming has been playing, and the way Dirk Nowitzki has been playing (also fantastic), it seems like maybe we might have a bit of a redemption year. Not to mention the play of Luis Scola, which has been superb. 

And: Orlando has matchup advantages all over the floor against Boston. The fact that Boston came back tonight -- that's either a big concern, or a giant fluke. I'm not sure yet. During that fourth quarter run, Orlando seemed so caught up in trying to exploit mismatches that they started going into pure iso-play, which I don't see working against a defense like Boston's. Orlando won the game, though, so let's hope they learned their lesson. You heard it here first: Orlando WILL give Cleveland some trouble if they meet in the playoffs. Cleveland can win the series, but the way it's written about it's like it's a done deal. Don't sleep on the Magic. 

Back to the Rockets: Did I mention Yao Ming led my "points saved in the low paint" stat? He's good, people. And he was healthy this year. That is important. We are lucky.

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