Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Get buckets and puntang!"

I'm assuming this is a Wiki falsehood that will be edited out sooner or later. (Click the image to enlarge).

If I'm wrong, and it's real, then huzzah. (The part about the failed between the legs dunk is real -- I was watching that game. The Lakers were not particularly interested in getting back on D on that particular play). 

On some sidenotes: The Thunder are really exciting -- the difference between their run this year and the Trailblazers last year is that Portland had an established fanbase with beat writers and blog writers to draw attention to what they were doing. Hence, Brandon Roy was a (deserved) all-star last year, but Kevin Durant was not this year. How provincial are the Thunder? During their local broadcast of the game against the Warriors this weekend (must-watch TV, by the way), they had a fluff piece on the new mascot, Bison. One of the lines was "Bison even got national attention" and pointed out that he was on ESPN Sportscenter. You're in the NBA now! Come on people! Also, the Lakers are a really smart team. 

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