Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fruithoopz Contest!

(Picture via Ball Don't Lie)

This is the sort of image that usually ends up noted on our other location, but it feels like this picture needs some fictional elaboration. So, I'm announcing a fruithoopz contest! Please contribute a fictional story that explains how Baron Davis and Jon Lovitz ended up here together with the as-yet unnamed ladyfriends. I'm not asking for witty one-liners, put-downs, or jokes -- there are various other locations on the web for those contests. I want a well-told story that explains where they are and why they're there, who the unnamed people are, (perhaps) who is taking the picture, what happened afterwards, etc.

Pre-emptive: I realize that the "real" story is probably just that Jon Lovitz and Baron Davis happened to be at the same party, and someone asked if they could take a picture with them, and voila. That is why I asked for a fictional story.

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