Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Watch out for these Pacers

[ed note -- fruithoopz has hired a new contributing writer, Ambrose Beerback. In this, his first of what we hope will be many posts, Ambrose discusses the current incarnation of the Indiana Pacers, which he sees as an up-and-coming team in the East. Welcome to the team, Ambrose!]

Allow me to introduce the Indiana Pacers.

Considering from each and every angle, pondering from the various heights for various periods of time, I've come to the summary which I declare here: The 2008-2009 Indiana Pacers are the Utah Jazz for the Twitter generation. I propose a discussion of this team today as they willmake a ruckus come playoff time. Be prepared!

Coach Paulie Walnutz has the team in states of motion uninterrupted, always on the go. They shoot well, but they keep going, everywhere you turn, there they are, putbacks, tip-ins, backdoor cuts. Walnutz calls the team "Hannibal" because they cut you to death. But just when you thought you could zone them up, they pop you with fast breaks and the pick and the pop. They get those points by hook or by thief, one by one, two by two, three by three, they get those points, they flip them, then they stack them to the ceiling.

On Danny Granger
They the more intelligent men obviously explained, with elegance themselves: "Danny G ain't nuthin' to fuck with." It is true. Don't let the large ears fool you, they are for the preservation of balance in the course of pull-up jumpers and curls off of screens. He has hits from everywhere, 80's, 90's, and today. He gets buckets on top of the other buckets, with or without the bounce. Like Kool Keith would say, "he's an all-star."

T.J. Ford
Take the offense, and press the fast forward button. Zoom! He loves to be near the hoop, and it is difficult to keep him away from his love.

Troy Murphy
I suspect he possibly spends his recreational time listening to the Pogues and drinking stout. However, on the court, he can play the baseline like Charlie Mingus. Do not turn your head, or he will embarrass you with that tip-in. If not the baseline, he likes to hang around up top. Perhaps he will disappear in the transition, only to reappear behind the pack to attack from the downtown area!

Mike Dunleavy, Jr.
aka "Junior" aka "Lil' Dun" aka "Dunny" aka "Chris Mullin hate me"
He is the son of a coaching man, so you know he can shoot. And fill the open spaces. Perhaps the rumor noise that I just invented -- that Dunny practices with Mike Miller during his time of rest -- cannot be proven to contain any truth.

Roy Hibbert
He looks quite large, but Hibs can move it move it! In spite of the being of such a young man, he holds himself to the game of an old man at the park with the kneepads and the safety goggles, keeping the ball high, surprising team members with passes from the elbow. His capacities make him perfectly corresponded to this particular type of offense.

Jarret Jack
They are tears of joy, from splashing the three-pointer.

Rasho Nesterovic
Like the Hibs, he can find the cutters, but he also is more at ease shooting the pop after a pick. Do not let him roam free outside the key as he will demand compensation.

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  1. Nice work Ambrose! This team really is slept on, huh? Nice breakdown of the games of Granger and Murphy.