Friday, November 21, 2008

So, the Knicks are busy

I had a completely unrelated post prepared that will have to wait for the weekend. Instead, just as I finished up the previous post on the wacky Warriors, the Knicks went and traded Zach Randolph to the Clippers, for Cuttino Mobley and Tim Thomas. The Knicks are also sending Mardy Collins in the deal.

The Knicks, in one day, have more or less cleared the way for the big free agents they plan to go after in a couple of years. Bleh. Begin 400 stories on every website about Lebron James or Chris Bosh in 3, 2, 1 . . ..

(Congratulations, Knicks fans -- this is what optimism feels like. Welcome back).

The Clippers?

The Clippers continue to be the bizzaro Warriors, wielding mismatched players who form a completely non-entertaining (and dysfunctional) whole (the Warriors, on the other hand, create function and entertainment out of their chaotic canvas).

I'll let this play out before doing any more in depth analysis, but suffice it to say I think this is a horrible move for the Clippers. Also, as pointed out at Clipperblog, this move makes it seem likely that Chris Kaman is on his way out, doesn't it? So, time to bust out the trade machine, and figure out where he's going! What do you think -- Chris Kaman to the Mavericks for Jerry Stackhouse and Brandon Bass?

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  1. Holy moly. Thanks for the info, McFruity. I was terribly hung over today and completely missed all of this, but your timely coverage has been received with a warm smile. The future is coming. Hope has arrived.