Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A short note for Steve Kerr

Noticed this quote from Steve Kerr, GM of the Phoenix Suns, today:

“I like what we’ve shown on defense (allowing just over 98 points a game) and the offense has lots of room from improvement,” Kerr said. “Change isn’t easy.”

Mr. Kerr, please take a gander at the numbers so far this season. Phoenix has the number 1 offense in the league and the number 18 defense. It is very early in the season, and things will undoubtedly change, but so far it's the defense that has room for improvement, while the offense has been keeping the team in games.

If you would like to make a statement after just eight games that won't be fact-checked in order to convince the public that you have in fact made a positive difference since joining the team and immediately tearing it apart, I would suggest you point out that Phoenix is currently second in the league in Defensive Rebounding Percentage, after finishing second to last a year ago. As you'll recall, lack of defensive rebounding was a major criticism of the team for several years.

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