Friday, November 7, 2008

Games to check out tonight

  1. At 52.2% eFG%, Toronto is one of the best-shooting teams in the league so far. The Atlanta Hawks, though, behind the long arms of Josh Smith and solid team play, have the third best defense overall and the second best eFG defense, holding teams to just 43.4%. Specifically, Atlanta has excelled at defending the three-point line against some very good-shooting teams (particularly Orlando and New Orleans, who they held to 5-20 and 12-30 from 3), while Toronto has been leading the league from 3, shooting 50.8%. If Atlanta continues to do a good job defending shooters, they should win easily, as Toronto is the worst rebounding team in the league so far this season. (Friday, 4:30 Pacific)
  2. Derrick Rose vs. Steve Nash! (Friday, 5:30 Pacific)
  3. Don Nelson finally came around to giving Brandan Wright some big minutes in the Warriors' last game, and Wright came through with 18 points, 13 rebounds, and 3 blocks. When the Warriors last played the Grizzlies, Marc Gasol beat up on a tired team -- hopefully this time, we see more of an even matchup. With rumors bubbling around that the Warriors are shipping out Al Harrington, possibly to Charlotte in return for Gerald Wallace, we should be seeing more and more of Wright (Friday, 7:30 Pacific)


Apologies for helping spread rumors. More on this if it becomes a reality.

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  1. Mr. Fruithoopz-

    Loyal reader. Wanted to know if you could answer a question. Lots of sportzwriterz and fans like to accuse Allen Iverson of being a ball hog. As a student of the game and the numbers that make them, is it accurate to refer to Mr. iverson as a ball hog? Is there such thing as a good ball hog vs bad ball hog? I know it is has a bad connotation in the sports pages. Is it true or is it just some people don't care for his personality and perceived impact on the game and use this term pejoratively? thank you!