Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kobe Bryant does his best Shawne Merriman impression

According to his own website, Kobe Bryant has decided not to undergo surgery on his pinkie. I would like to draw your attention to one particular portion of his statement: "What it really came down to for me is that I just didn't want to miss any time 'punching the clock' for the Lakers, given all we are trying to accomplish as a team this NBA season." Compare that to Shaq's infamous "I got hurt on company time, so I’ll heal on company time" as an explanation for why he waited until the start of the season to get surgery on his foot when he could have gotten the surgery over the summer and not missed any games.

The similarity in terms of the imagery and form used in the two statements seems purposeful, does it not? Is this Kobe getting in one more jab at the Diesel?

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