Monday, August 4, 2008

DNP - Bicycle Accident

I was involved in a bicycle accident this weekend, and as a result some of the posts that are in the pipeline might get delayed by a day or two while I recuperate. In the meantime, a couple of things:

I would love for any input you the reader might have on the significance of offensive rebounding in the NBA. I mean this in terms of aesthetic value, statistics and winning strategies, or whatever. Thanks for the help!

Regarding the members of the U.S. Olympic Men's National team and their stance on China vis-a-vis Darfur: I get why people want bigtime athletes to be vocal about it, since they are in a position where people listen to them. But it's one thing to hope for them to lend their voices, and another to be angry at people for not doing so -- the latter speaks to some sort of entitlement: "it's not enough to be an elite athlete, you have to pass my standards of character. Because you play a game for a living." One thing that does seem disappointing is that a month or so ago both Kobe and Lebron had made comments that made clear that genocide is NOT an issue of politics, or something that reasonable people disagree about. Now, not so much ("we're not politicians, we're just basketball players"). Then again, maybe by making those comments, they're making subtle jabs at the real politicians, you know, the ones whose job it is to do something but still don't. In which case, well-played, sirs! Anyways, go here for more cogent thoughts.


  1. they are awesome when your team gets them and suck when the opponent does!

  2. Well my Knicks were 6th in the league last year in O-boards, mostly due to the many opporunities and because David Lee is the man. Charles Oakley was also probably my favorite Knick growing up, so I respect the offensive rebounders in a big way. I guess Pau Gasol and his 8.2% ORB% have got you thinking in the off-season?