Thursday, August 7, 2008

A couple of things that made me laugh recently

So uh, that Ron Artest post was really long and serious. Please do read it, but to balance things out, here's some stuff that made me laugh a bit recently. Some of the links are a few days old, but still hilarious. At least to me.

  • "There's a reason My Last Name's Love" at The Blowtorch. "Why don’t you come a little closer and I’ll show you why McHale didn’t need Mayo." Smoove B-esque stylings from Kevin Love.
  • Also at The Blowtorch, a bunch of pictures of Europe-bound Earl Boykins standing next to NBA big men. I sometimes forget just how little he looked. Also, I was a bit miffed at the second picture, with Tim Duncan: couldn't the Nuggets find ANYONE better to go for the free-throw rebound? Boykins seems like the obvious choice to have stay back behind the three-point line -- what, he's going to grab a rebound over Tim Duncan? It is nice of Duncan, however, to avoid embarrassing Boykins by pretending to try to box him out there.

  • Plissken at the Buzzer on Donte' (actually Donté) Greene's name. My favorite part is the comedy routine from Quincy Douby and Spencer Hawes, along with the explanatory "The conversation takes place by telegram. It's a period piece." Some background: Soon after Greene was traded to Sacramento, a comment was made at freedarko pointing out that the apostrophe in his name was being dropped in a lot of print media. Tom Ziller at Sactown Royalty then started a campaign to not drop the apostrophe when printing Greene's name. It turned out, though, after some research by Henry Abbot of TrueHoop that Greene's name doesn't have an apostrophe, but an acute accent, which html will sometimes mistakenly convert to an apostrophe. Since alt-0233 is the keystroke combination in Windows to produce that particular symbol, this suggested Greene jersey was dreamed up also. Sidenote: The hubbub about Greene's apostrophe is actually at least a few months old -- when he was deciding whether or not to leave Syracuse to declare for the draft, some enterprising Syracuse student made these Don'te Leave t-shirts.

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  1. I am the enterprising student. I hope he makes it big so the few hundred shirts out there are worth $$$