Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sorry about the downtime . . .

I was out sick for a couple of days there. Regular posting should resume shortly. In the meantime, here are some discussions regarding what's been happening recently:

  • The Sparks beat the Shock, but after the first quarter they were pretty much outplayed. The Shock dominated the rebounding battle (Detroit retrieved 45% of their own misses, L.A. got 25% of theirs), and the Sparks again turned the ball over too many times. The Sparks guards, however, played a pretty good game. And yeah, you may have heard there was a fight at the game . . .. There's some discussion of it here. I'll have my own thoughts when I'm feeling better. I would like to point out, though, that blaming Laimbeer and Cooper and making this a Pistons-Lakers rivalry sort of thing is its own kind of sexism. Also: a very special WTF?! to Rick Mahorn.
  • Congratulations to Josh Childress. He made his decision, he's signing with Olympiakos. This article goes over many of the relevant issues, and is a very interesting read. Of particular interest is a reference to an older article that studies the differences in contract value for different situations (unrestricted vs. restricted free agents, rookies, etc). Both links are worth reading. I'll have more to say later, but for now, note that Childress has signed for 3 years, $20 million (actually the equivalent in euros, so it could be worth more tomorrow), with an opt-out clause after each season. Because of the fact that Euroleague salaries are net of taxes (the team pays the taxes for the player), it's actually like getting 3 years $40 million in the U.S.. That's more than Tony Parker will make over the next three years, and per-year it puts Childress right around Steve Nash's level in terms of income. Not to mention the number of games: in terms of games, he'll play about half of an NBA season each year, so per-game the salary is actually double that. Congratulations Josh! But come back soon.
  • For some reason, Matt Barnes signed a one-year deal for the vet's minimum in Phoenix. Does he think he'll be able to inflate his numbers for a year and then get a big payday next year?
  • Also, congratulations go out to Bobby Brown (no, not that one), a wonderful young point guard who came from Long Beach. He looked really good in summer league, and just signed a 2-year deal with Sacramento, who could really use the guard help. Along the same lines, Will Bynum looked good in summer league and just signed a 2 year deal with the Pistons. I wish Brown and Bynum well, and will be rooting for them (unless they're playing the Lakers).
  • We're reaching the time of year for free agents where contenders start to overpay for guys who were never very good but won titles in the past. In related news, Devean George is a free agent. Boston: you just lost Posey. The ball is in your court.
  • I expected a team to take a chance on Shaun Livingston by now.
  • And on a COMPLETELY unrelated note: please come to my friend's birthday party this Sunday. Details are here.
Like I said, real posts will be coming soon.


  1. Excellent commentary, Tarek. I look forward to your coverage of all things Stephon Marbury.

    Salon's King Kaufman had a fantastic line about the WNBA shovefest: "Ron Artest can get in a worse fight than that when he's alone in a room."

  2. Woohoo, thanks for reading Bill! That's a great quote from Kaufman.

    I'll do my best to keep up to date on "all things Stephon Marbury." Sadly, I have had no commentary on the head-tatoo (besides: didn't a similar move signal the end of Mike Tyson?). I'll wait to do a real post for when the Knicks buy him out . . ..