Monday, July 21, 2008

A Prayer for Kwame Brown

Dear basketball gods, hear my prayer!

Kwame Brown is a good man. Blessed with a body designed to play basketball, but cursed with the accompanying expectations, he is now left floating in the limbo of free agency. All he wanted was to have some fun, maybe throw some cake.

Yes, I know he has trouble holding on to the ball, or really performing any sort of role in an organized offense, has trouble rotating on help-defense, and that he doesn't rebound as well as he should given his size. Still, he is an excellent man defender in the post, he sets good screens, and, when he plays, the officials allow him 6 fouls to use just like anyone else.

As a Lakers fan, I feel the burden of Kwame Brown on my conscience, the castaway who had to be sacrificed for my team to achieve greatness. But he should know that I am grateful. Please, find him a home where he can thrive. Do not banish him to the Clippers, Hawks, Bobcats, Knicks, or Grizzlies. Thank you,


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