Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oops! Corrections

Two reporting errors have come to my attention today. Apologies:

  1. Apparently, Josh Childress' deal is actually equivalent to 3 years and $32.5 million in an NBA contract, not the $40 million that I previously asserted (my calculation was based on an assumption of 50% taxation in the U.S., but what do I know about having a multi-million dollar income?). My original points about the situation still stand, I think, but are adjusted slightly -- he'll be making just a couple million dollars less than Chauncey Billups over the next three years (if he stays for the entirety of the contract), or about the same per year as Carlos Boozer.
  2. Apparently I spoke to soon when I claimed that Kelenna Azubuike was going to the Clippers. The Warriors matched his offer sheet, so as of right now he is still a Warrior.

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