Sunday, July 27, 2008

In the meantime . . .

Ok, I've been working for a while on what is becoming a wordy and roundabout post about Monta Ellis. Meanwhile, I'm preparing a few more about "players to watch" next year, which may or may not have to wait until after the Olympics. Because these posts are all delayed by a bit, here's some random things to consider in the interim:

  • After last week's Sparks-Shock fight, I thought about doing a review of how the event was covered at various media outlets. But this article does a thorough job of exploring the coverage and the issues it brings up. So read that if you're curious or interested.
  • Back in the Smush-Kwame days, Kobe Bryant, in a sort of throw-away interview with Elie Seckbach, jokingly said he'd trade the entire Lakers squad for Lisa Leslie (I'm having trouble finding the youtube right now, but it's definitely out there). Fast forward a year or two, and the Lakers acquire Pau Gasol, a player who can score from either side in the low post, pass and shoot from the high post, and always makes great decisions. Coincidence??
  • Congratulations to Anthony Morrow, who just signed a contract with the Warriors. He was another player I thought was impressive in Summer League play.
  • This is sort of old, but I was re-watching it recently and my heart was warmed at the thought that Allen Iverson is a huge Michael Jackson fan. That just really pleased me.
Anyways, watch for the upcoming post on Monta Ellis, sorry for the delay. In the meantime, you can watch this video, which is tangentially related to Allen Iverson and Michael Jackson:

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