Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A few links to pass the summer dayz

NBA Free Agency starts to matter tomorrow, so for the moment there's not a lot of stuff to discuss. Here's a few links that might be worth reading while you wait to see what Elton Brand will decide:
  1. A nice little look at how Candace Parker and Lisa Leslie have been working together. I agree with the sentiment that the Sparks, with so much talent in the frontcourt and players who know how to move and pass, are not in as much trouble as they might otherwise be given their (lack of) point guard play. They are obviously very successful in running their offense through the center/forward. But I still worry about faster teams being able to pressure Sparks ballhandlers as they come up the court, eating up the causing turnovers or eating up shot-clock and making it impossible for the pass into the post to develop in time. Also: I agree that I like seeing Candace Parker work down low much more than at the point guard spot, even though I think she makes good decisions up there. I'd rather Leslie end up with 8 assists than Parker, for now.
  2. Beasley's first summer league game was a resounding success, his second, not so much. Then again, it's summer league. Who cares? I'm rooting for Mario (superintendent) Chalmers though, for what it's worth.
  3. What is Corey Maggette worth? I remember in 2003-2004, I used to think he was a productive offensive player who wasn't much of a shooter, but was a solid defender (based on a small sample, as I didn't watch all the Clipper games. I remember being impressed with his ability to defend Kobe decently). But I've seen much more of him since then, and now I still think he's a productive offensive player, but he can in fact shoot, and while he is a capable man defender he isn't very helpful in terms of team defense. So: an efficient and prolific scorer (he's among the best players in the league and finishing and getting to the free throw line) who doesn't pass enough or play well enough off the ball to take advantage of gravity, and who is OK on the defensive end? Sounds like the much talked-about third-option in a good starting lineup (Tayshaun Prince?), or a solid sixth-man for a contender (like Antawn Jamison when he was in Dallas). He won't be 30 for a couple of years, though. I'd say he could command more than the mid-level exception (which is what he's supposedly being offered by San Antonio), but less than 8 figures. Hmmn . . .. Also, I once went to a Clipper game with a lady friend a few years ago, and she kept saying "why would they have a guy named 'maggot' on their team?"
  4. This is what a team with no name looks like, I guess. Not to be confused with a horse with no name.
  5. In case you were dying to know, here's some of the names from this year's Lakers Summer League roster. The full roster comes out on Thursday. I'm not sure who coaches (Rambis? Shaw?).
  6. This piece about Monta Ellis and the Warriors is similar to something I've been writing, but I want to wait on mine until the free agent stuff is settled and figured out. Once we know who's on what team, it'll be easier to predict what Monta Ellis's role will be next year on the Warriors, and what we can expect.
  7. A two part series on Darius Miles and how he relates to the cap situation for the Portland Trailblazers. In case you don't recall: last season Portland bought out Miles' contract (actually I guess it's probably an insurance company that will pay the contract) and none of the contract currently counts against the salary cap because he was ruled to have an injury-forced retirement. However, according to the rules, his contract goes back to counting against the cap if he happens to play 10 games in the next two years. That (rather improbable) occurrence would change the Blazers' outlook a couple of years from now.
  8. A silly way to pass some time:

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