Friday, July 11, 2008

A few free agency updates

I'll probably have more complete thoughts on everything going on in free-agency later, but I wanted to get a few quick thoughts up:

As basketball fans, we're sometimes put in the awkward position of identifying with owners and GMs rather than players. Please know that I am always happy for anyone who is able to get paid more, even if, as a fan, I sometimes wish my team could sign them for less.

An instance? The case of Ronny Turiaf. $17 million over 4 years seems a bit steep, honestly. If Ronny ends up going to the Warriors, I'll be sad as a Lakers fan but as a Ronny fan, I'm happy for him. Take the money Ronny! From the Warriors perspective, they sure seem to be burning through their newfound cap space quickly, don't they? Have they already forgotten what happened the last time they overpaid a Lakers role player? That was Derek Fisher, who they had to trade away after one year (he's now back with the Lakers).

The James Jones signing may be a hint as to Sasha Vujacic's market value. The difference is that Jones was an unrestricted free agent, while Vujacic is restricted, and as a rule teams generally have to overpay for restricted free agents (the reason being that the team that has the rights to match will match any reasonable offer, and will only not match if the offer is too rich).

Speaking of James Jones, remember how Miami let Jason Kapono go to Toronto last year, for close to $6 million a year (I believe he went for the full mid-level). Well, now they are paying Jones significantly less to do the same job, with the added benefit that he is a better defender than Kapono (Kapono is still a better shooter than Jones, but worth twice the salary?). Just a thought to keep in mind.

Finally, I mentioned in an earlier post that Orlando was paying too much for Mikael Pietrus, and that the heavy contracts might come back to bite them in the future. Well the future is now, as the Magic are unable to afford to keep Keyon Dooling (and they're already weak at point guard). Last year, they lost Darko Milicic to sign Rashard Lewis. This year, they're losing Keyon Dooling to sign Pietrus. None of it seems huge, but these are the sorts of little things that add up to huge frustration eventually.

Elaboration at a later date.

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