Wednesday, July 2, 2008

About last night's Sparks-Liberty game

  1. Lisa Leslie is so so good. I know I've been singing the praises of Candace Parker on these pages, and she is fantastic, but Leslie's having to sit out with foul trouble really killed the Sparks, and when she's playing she's the most important player for them.
  2. Until the Sparks get better point play, quicker teams are going to press in the backcourt. The Sparks had tons of trouble last night getting the ball up the court, turning the ball over on 21.5% of their possessions.
  3. The Liberty have solid 3-point shooters (especially Christon), but Sparks defenders continued going under screens.
  4. Candace Parker is so active. She makes great decisions when she's put in the point position, but it's really fun to watch her in the post. She fights tirelessly for position, when the ball swings to the weakside she quickly flashes through the key -- she's already pretty skilled out of the post but hopefully she can pick up a few extra moves from Lisa Leslie. She's also a solid ballhandler, and she does a great job of pushing the ball when she gets a rebound (Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd). Defensively, she's not usually quick enough to guard perimeter players and sometimes gets caught behind screens, but she does a great job of using her length to play passing lanes and block players from behind. And she's plenty big and strong enough to guard post players.
  5. I really think Derek Fisher is a great color commentator. You know how when Hubie Brown does the commentating, you really start to see the game as a coach? Fisher is great at pointing out what individual players are doing play-to-play and you really are able to appreciate their talent.

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