Monday, June 30, 2008


Please read my previous entry on the draft, but this link is a must-read. Lebron James as the Apocalypse. This really resonates for me as I've read numerous articles about the draft, trade rumors, etc. that mention the summer of 2010 (I did it myself in talking about the Nets-Bucks trade). Think about that, though -- since when did we discuss free-agent classes 2 years ahead of time? The consequences for upcoming free agents, including Josh Smith and Shaun Livingston, are huge -- teams have been planning their contracts around 2010, so that few have cap room this year, making it easy for teams with Bird Rights to sign their players on the cheap.

The link doesn't go too much into Wade, but I've been wondering if it makes sense to think of him as following Penny Hardaway's career arc. I think next year is huge for him, not only because of his own impending contract-year (obviously overshadowed at this point by the huge LebronEvent), but because we've had enough time without him to forget 2006.

Also, in the comments I noticed this link to a story about Carmelo's contract. I'm sure he had his own reasons, but in a way hasn't he set himself up for a summer without competition? In theory, by putting his own free agency a year after Lebron/Wade/Bosh, he's set himself up to compete with the class of 2004, ie Dwight Howard and a bunch of guys who couldn't get paid enough on extensions and are now up against their Qualifying Offer year (off the top of my head: Emeka Okafor, Shaun Livingston, Ben Gordon, Luol Deng, Josh Smith, Josh Childress, Andre Igoudala, Andris Biedrins, Bassy Telfair. I'm sure there are more). Howard's contract actually goes one year past Melo's, and the rest of the guys aren't Lebron James, and in the aftermath of the summer of Lebron there's bound to be a number of teams with leftover cap space (ie the Lebron James sweepstakes losers).

Anyways, I think the link is worth reading. Here it is again:

That's all.

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