Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rumors. Uggggh

I stupidly read through Chad Ford's recent pre-draft rumor story (Insider, but free for the time being). Here are some things that bothered me, or that I just didn't understand and they were never explained:

First he mentions that the Suns might use their #15 pick (from Atlanta) as part of a trade (along with, probably, Barbosa and Diaw) for Richard Jefferson, Josh Howard, Gerald Wallace, or Tayshaun Prince. However:

But there are stumbling blocks to each deal. The Mavs might not want to send Howard to a rival team. Detroit president Joe Dumars is probably not interested in Diaw. The Nets need contracts that expire by 2010. And it's unclear whether the Suns would be willing to take back Wallace's contract.


1) It bugs me that teams theoretically refuse trades on the basis of not wanting to help a rival, even if it helps them. That said, I think Dallas is probably better off keeping Howard anyways. And don't sell low, teams!

2) "Joe Dumars is probably not interested in Diaw." Is this based on an interview? A rumor? Just Ford's opinion? Where does it come from? And since when, exactly, is Joe Dumars not interested in players who can pass out of the post, shoot mid-range (15-20 foot) jumpers and defend multiple positions? Ok, he's not as great of a rebounder as most of the Pistons bigs, but he does rebound at least as well as Tayshaun Prince (and presumably he'd play the 3). I would just like to know on what the assumption is based.

3) "And it's unclear whether the Suns would be willing to take back Wallace's contract." I know the Suns under Sarver are notoriously cheap, and that the Suns would probably want a better shooter at the 3 with Shaq and Nash taking up the space in the paint and Amare flying about from 0 - 15 feet. But Grant Hill is making less that $2 million next year, Wallace is young and could join Amare in the post Nash/Shaq world, and he has an EXTREMELY reasonable contract given his production. If not for Wallace, what are you making cap room for? I get that the Suns are in the luxury tax, but they don't make their situation a ton worse if they swap out Diaw for Wallace. By the time Wallace starts making more than Diaw, both Shaq's and Nash's contracts will have expired. Anyways, given the cheapness, and if the Suns really are trying to move up, why no discussion of them trying to package Diaw or Barbosa along with the #15 to the Bobcats for the #9? Aren't the Bobcats far enough under the cap to be able to do that? I guess maybe not if they're going to sign Okafor -- but it would be nice if these things were discussed/explained in the article.

4) Unrelated to the article, I don't understand all the chatter about Richard Jefferson. I'm not convinced about his game. I know the numbers look good and all, but . . . eh.

Later, there's some discussion about various trade rumors/speculation, including:

The hottest rumor of the day has the Grizzlies and Denver Nuggets talking about a swap that would send Kyle Lowry and the No. 28 pick to Denver for the No. 20 and Linas Kleiza.

Word during last season was that the Nuggets were unwilling to let go of Kleiza to pick up Ron Artest. Now they're considering moving him to move from 28 to 20 in the draft along with picking up a 6-0 3rd year point guard who can't shoot and couldn't start for a team that went 22-60 and had 2 rookie point guards ahead of him on the depth chart.

And finally:

According to a source familiar with the talks, the Cavs would send Varejao and the No. 19 pick to Golden State for Brandan Wright. The Warriors hold a $10 million trade exception that allows them to take back a lot more money than they send out in a trade.

Please please don't let this happen. I don't understand how this makes any sense at all for the Warriors -- Wright would probably be a top-7 pick in this year's draft, so this is like trading Varejao (who will be around for 1 year and then maybe be looking for a raise) and the number 19 for a #7. To a team that has no bigs who can post up.

I might be wrong about all of this. And I should probably just not read rumor articles. But some of this stuff doesn't make a lot of sense.

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