Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fruithoopz Commercial Review

Sprite Commercial - Falling Away

The biggest question I was left with after this commercial: why is the court an international court (note the trapezoidal key)?? Does the commercial take place, perhaps, on a European playground (this thesis is supported by the soccer-style kick of the basketball at about :34)? And that led me to wonder -- do they play zone defense on European playgrounds?

I guess the characters in the commercial DO look ambiguously European.

Do they not have public swimming pools in Europe? Everyone's hanging out at the basketball court, but no one is playing (how often does that happen?) because it's too hot and everyone would rather be swimming. The rational solution would be to go to a swimming pool, but here what they do is instead magically (possibly through the magic of Sprite?) convert the court into a pool. You would think that this would be annoying for anyone who actually wanted to hoop it up, but no one seems particularly annoyed when the first kid jumps in, and actually they all jump in after him.

Also, can the Sprite help them magically lower the rims so that they can play a game of swimming pool basketball? Actually, maybe they do do that -- it would explain how the unathletic looking kid finds himself hanging from the rim at :35-:37. Actually, if the court is all water, how DID he get up there? Did he jump out of the water like a dolphin? Does the court re-solidify and re-liquefy according to need? If so, what happens to the people who are stuck in the pool when it turns back into a court?

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